Gatt High School Movie Analysis

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Excited kids, to go back to school is not something seen very much anymore. Also seeing great teachers is very selective, or it was at my high school. During high school I had some teachers that were amazing and some teachers that just got through the long hour. Teachers that were amazing and always willing to go out of their way to help with a subject that I did not understand are the kinds of teachers the education system needs more of. Having teachers that assist students to do their best are excellent kinds for teachers. Great teachers also make students want to achieve more and go home and research more on a subject. High schools and colleges hire teachers that could care less about students’ achievements, but in the movie Good Will…show more content…
In the movie, Will was born with the talent to be able to do difficult math with ease. He also read up on subjects that interested him. Multiple scenes show Will’s brilliance. Will read up on all the psychologist that Lambeau took him to. He is in the bar with his friends and a Harvard student and Will get into an argument and Will proves points to the Harvard student. The Harvard student makes it evident that he is just going to college to get through it, but Will does not have to go to school because he has taught himself. In his essay “Against School,” Gatto explains many well-known Americans had not gone to school they had taught themselves and were extremely successful. He goes on to explain that America needs to not focus so much on getting a “schooling” to be educated. (273). Gatto is right going to school is not something people are excited about. Will always went the extra mile to get the answer to his questions. In school some students that are the go getters, always have the work done. Those students are the ones that dream big and go to college and have jobs that their classmate envy. Trying hard and getting work done on time makes wanting to go to school more enjoyable. In “Everything You’ve Heard about Failing Schools is Wrong,” Kristina Rizga writes about how Mira, she is an under privileged and was not…show more content…
Schools do have great teachers, even though, bad ones are still in the school districts. Loving to learn really makes students strive for more. Schools need to do a better job of getting rid of the teachers that are just there for the pay check and not about the student’s progress. I know that some parents have complained about bad teachers in my old high school, but they still sit in the classroom teaching nothing. Teaching students that it is great to be the over achievers and be involved in a club that they are interested in. Schools have too many cases, students are told that they are horrible at a subject and that makes students not want to try in that subject anymore. Schools need to teach students that school is not a place to hate and that everyone has incredible potential. If schools taught more as Sean, schools would be very different. Teachers need to not shut students loving to learn down because then schools would be a place to get an education, rather than a place to dread going
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