Gattaca Essay

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The movie “Gattaca” is a sci-fi movie that takes place in “the not-too-distant” future, where genetic engineering of humans is common. In this sci-fi future, class differences are construct is primarily determined by your DNA. In the movie society’s culture is ingrained with eugenics, evident by the clear institutionalized discrimination. Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aim at improving the genetic quality of the human population. Eugenics is not a “new” concept, people have been discriminating based on looks ever since prehistoric times. The movie inspired me to do some research on popular eugenics movements in the post-industrial age (1850-present). My primary goal of was to identify the motives behind early eugenics…show more content…
Eugenicists used this information to reaffirm the existing class and racial hierarchy. They saw that middle and upper classes were predominantly white. In contrast, they saw that poor person consisted of genetically inferior individuals and deemed it to be unfit. The movement was widely accepted by the public and was the reason why eugenics legislation got passed. Laws such as compulsory sterilization were passed at the state level that required the sterilization of unfit individuals. The goal of this was to eliminate “unfit” in order to produce the most “fit” family.
Lack of scientific knowledge about genetic biology was the primary reason why eugenics movement died out towards the latter half of the 20th century. It was concluded that there was actually no significant way to identify “fit” families. The eugenics movement unjustly called people unfit without reason. The primary downside to the eugenics movement in the United States is that scientist paid too much attention to the genetic correlations between class and genes, but rarely looked at the environmental factors that affected the class. Essentially what the eugenics movement did was called families that were alcoholics and thieves due to your genes. An argument could have been very easily made that these families were
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