Gattaca Movie Review

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Many people would wonder why I would say this and it really is for the simple fact that things of the nature that Gattaca is based on can and will eventually in time happen. Regardless if it is frowned upon or not cloning and genetic engineering have already started and the field will continue to grow beyond the general knowledge of it. Looking at anything from fruits and vegetables to mankind, people are starting to play god and starting to change what natural evolution has brought us and turning it more towards natural selection.
The questions facing genetic engineering have always been focused on ethics; is it right? Is it wrong? From the movie Gattaca we can see the ideas of genetic engineering at play through Niccol’s perception. Niccol shows us through film that the impact that the science of genetic engineering could have on everyday life in society could be a great thing, but it could also breed new levels of discrimination. The film shows the genetically inferior people “In-Valids” being discriminated against not for who they are by the “Valids”, but solely because they are made differently than the superiors (Niccol, 1997). This could be a major downside to the advancement of genetic science but is it worth it? After watching the film I would say that this is the kind of thing that people have been fighting against since the dawn of mankind, war because someone…
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