Gattaca vs. Brave New World

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Perfections of the Future
Altough both the movie “Gattaca” and the book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley are based on perfections done on the future and how science has taken over the world, they both have similarities and differences. Vincent, the main character on Gattaca has more inner strenght than Bernard and John (main characters of Brave New World) who were not happy with themselves for not been a perfection.They are also similar in the way that they rebel against their societies.
Both “Brave New World” and “Gattaca” had similar and diferent characters.These characters were stong enough to rebel against their societies.After encountering a DNA black market were he changed his identity, Vincent becomes a great austonaut, even when
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An example of this is in “Gattaca” how the piano player had six fingers to help him with his career and to make him a better and greater player.There were also some risks when doin the tretment, there could be some mistake that could hurt the babies such as heart problems, like Irene.They saw that the people were caring less for their prooblems, because there were other ways of fixing them.This meant that people were losing their feelings toward their children and that they were depending way too much in technology. Technology had made the world become peaceful and had brought crime down only because the people saw technology as an opportunnity to make all their problems dissapear. They both also had the same point of view in how not been healthy affected the childrens opportunities of good wealth and a good job. They both also used love strories to make the reader understand how the social status affected the society.
In “Gattaca” and “Brave New World” thre were many struggles Vincent and Bernard comfronted. Vincent had to have a daily routen in order for him to keep his identity of Jerome. He would gte skin sells of Jerome to put on his keyboard and he would also get blood and urine, just incase he was tested while working. He

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