Gay Adoption

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Imagine for a moment that you are the loving foster parent of a 10 year old boy that you’ve raised since infancy. You consider him your son and are willing and able to adopt this child and have also proven your competency to do just that. Homosexuals have always faced discrimination, mostly for religious purposes, and have been denied basic rights that are not denied to heterosexuals.
The gay adoption process is very rigorous, including extensive home visits and interview of prospective parents. It is designed to screen out those individuals who are not qualified to adopt or e foster parents, for whatever reason. All of the evidence shows that lesbians and gay men can and do make good parents. At the present time a lot of
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In fact, the very first large scale gay adoption study was done in 2004, in the form of a survey of 183 gay families on the topic of family dynamics (Averett, Nalavany, and Scott 129-151). Though the study was in some ways flawed, such as the sampling of those surveyed, it showed that homosexual couples had longer term relationships than most heterosexual couples and that they had a high level of social support. A similar study done in 2005 showed that the 47 gay families in this new survey displayed the typical amount of strength as average heterosexual families.
When those who are opposed to gay adoption try to argue that homosexual couples are more likely to mistreat their adoptive children, they are implying that all heterosexual couples are not capable of the same thing. For instance, if African Americans were found to be more likely than Caucasians to mistreat their children, would all African Americans then be banned from adopting? The obvious answer to this is no because it would be entirely unconstitutional, as is the current ban on gay adoption. A parent’s sexual orientation makes no difference to their child’s development, just like a parent’s ethnicity has no baring either. Someone opposed to gay adoption may reply that children with gay parents are more likely to consider having a same sex partner in the future.
A major issue is the argument on
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