Gay Adoption Policy Analysis

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I. Delinieation and Overview of the Policy Under Analysis Social attitudes about family life have undergone profound changes in recent decades. While public acceptance of homosexuality remains a deeply decisive issue, adoption by gays and lesbians has become increasingly acceptable, with 46% of the national population favoring gay adoption. (Pew Research Center, 2006) In New York State, statutes developed to permit gays to adopt are among the most permissive in the nation. New York Adoption Code 18 NYCRR 421.16 (h)(2) (2004) states that "applicants shall not be rejected solely on the basis of homosexuality", which expressly prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation when determining who may adopt. According to The…show more content…
(Kahan, 2006) Notice to birthparents was not required, and it is estimated that approximately half the children transported to the west were not actually orphans. (Pfeffer, 2002) Brace was a missionary who wished to remove children of poor Catholic families, and place them in Protestant farming families. (Pfeffer, 2002) The orphan train placements served as a foster care system, without payment to the foster families, and were a cost effective way to manage poor children, in contrast to institutionalizing those who could not live at home. (Kahan, 2006) An outcry against Brace's orphan trains in the early 1900's, led advocates of children to the other extreme, in which families were to be preserved at all costs. (Carp, 1998) Rather than split up families, child welfare reformers worked to prevent the factors which caused a family to break up. Reforms resulting from these movements included establishment of the U.S. Children's Bureau in 1912, creation of juvenile courts, and enactment of Mother's pensions. It was around this time that social work become professionalized, as case workers were utilized in family preservation and prevention. Social workers denounced unregulated adoption, and lobbied for state licensing and supervision of
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