Gay Adoption Should Be Legal

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A mother and father figure is no longer the only way to raise a child. Today, it is becoming more common for homosexuals to raise children. It is legal for heterosexuals to adopt children in all states; however, homosexuals do not have the same right. Many states are trying to find loopholes to ban homosexuals from adopting. Gay adoption should be legal in all states because children can be raised in the same upbringing as heterosexual parents, sometimes can have better lives than those who are raised by heterosexual parents, and the banning of gay adoption goes against the homosexual parents’ rights.
Children in a homosexual environment can have the same upbringing as heterosexual parents. There are many children available for adoption and an increased number of capable gay and lesbian parents (Tavernise 4). The number of potential parents that are homosexuals is plentiful. A main concern is that the marriage between two homosexuals is unusual and will affect the child’s upbringing in a negative way. “The principal argument for traditional marriage is that it is uniquely beneficial to children. Accordingly, a key tenet of the campaign for same-sex marriage ("SSM") is that same-sex couples are just as good as other parents; there is no difference between the two. This [viewpoint] analyzes this claim and concludes that it is unsubstantiated and almost certainly false” (Dent 2). The graph aforementioned shows a total of 22,872,152 children within the married opposite-sex
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