Gay And Gay Rights Movement

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After the passing of the Criminal Amendment Act of 1968, gay and lesbian rights movements started booming in the 1970’s (Smith 328). At first, the purpose of the movements was to gain support from the public on their cause of equal rights for LGBT people. However, the main goal was for the “legalization of homosexual behavior; an end to state regulation and repression of lesbian and gay life; and the passage and enforcement of antidiscrimination measures, most importantly in the area of employment” (Smith 334). To do this, the gay rights movements of Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto sought for political action to gain rights (Smith 334). These gay rights liberations faced discrimination themselves when the newspaper was unwilling to…show more content…
This can be seen through the laws that continued to pass in regards to the gay and lesbian community. Arguably one of the most important laws passed by the government following the decriminalization of homosexual acts is the legalization of same-sex marriages in 2003.
In conclusion, the Criminal Amendment Act of 1968 mattered in Canadian history because it was the stepping stone towards recognition of the LGBT community through the decriminalization of homosexual acts. The decriminalization of homosexuality led to more social movements that brought to light the discrimination of LGBT people, which eventually led judicial powers to jump into the argument and recognize that all Canadians were equal under the Constitutional Charter of Rights and Freedom. This change from homosexuality being a criminal act to an illness changed the way people thought about homosexuality and was a step further in advancing gay rights for Canadian citizens. Without bill C-150, Canada may not have progressed as fast in terms of LGBT recognition, because homosexuality would still be seen as a criminal act. Trudeau’s actions helped to lead Canada in the right direction to see everyone as equal and not judge someone based on their sexual preferences. Although it took over thirty years for Canada to pass the law for nationwide marriage equality, the Criminal Amendment act was a crucial

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