Gay And High School Students

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With an everchanging society, it is important for our youth to be educated about the diversity that exists among them. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students are more likely to be open about their sexualities and identities today than ever before. Middle school and high school students need to be fully aware of different identities that exist in the modern world; they are going to encounter people who identify as LGBT, and need to be able to see past the mainstream stereotypes that have been placed on the community. Therefore, educators should teach issues and practices related to the LGBT community as a part of their curriculum. Heterosexual students will have a greater understanding of the LGBT community, their practices…show more content…
Educators teaching their class content about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students will open-up the dialogue concerning conversations that may not otherwise take place. According to a study conducted by Bishop, “only 23% of schools whose school psychologists responded are educating their students about LGBT families . . . The practice tends to be less formal, meaning that it is incorporated by the individual teachers and is not a system-wide decision” (777). The curriculum should be enforced on a systemic level. The responsibility of teaching students to be civil and knowledgeable citizens falls on the school board, administration and teachers.Making it It is healthy for all students to have a wide spectrum of knowledge of people coming from different backgrounds and to have an understanding of them. Although a student and their family may disagree with homosexuality based on their religious beliefs, it is important to include LGBT material in the classroom because more than likely students will encounter individuals who identify as homosexual, bisexual or transgender in the real world. Someone who identifies as heterosexual may encounter another individual that identifies as gay at the grocery store, a restaurant or at their place of employment. “LGBT issues arise in our society on a regular basis and are often front-page news. . . inclusion of such material is consistent with the principle that schooling
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