Gay And Lesbian Household Does Not Make A Child Gay

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Tatyana sanchez

English 102:Rhetoric and Compositions

Dr.Tom Bragg

April 12, 2016

Being raised in a gay/lesbian household does not make a child gay:

”Ignorance is bliss”

Gay, straight, lesbian bisexual, etc. These are all terms used to describe a person’s seuxual orientation. In today’s world people are harassed and assaulted because of which of these words they identify with. From 2012 up to 2012 there was a drastic change in reported hate crimes against members of the LGBT community. Shooting from 11% to 40%, in just a few months. People are unnecessarily becoming victims simply because of what they like,because of what they can not change. People do not choose what they are attracted to sexually. Sexual orientation is not a matter of what you choose, but of what you genuinely like and have attractions towards.

Having gay and/or lesbian parents is not going to “ruin” a child. It sure is not going to cause them to grow up and be gay or lesbian. Whether or not a child is attracted to the same sex, does not have anything to do with who their parents are; Being raised by gay and/or lesbian parents may cause the child to be more susceptible to exploring same sex relations. Growing up in a gay/lesbian household, the child may be more tolerant of same sex relationships and people of the LGBT community. There are many outcomes that are associated with being raised in a gay/lesbian household that we do not see with those raised in a heterosexual household, but the…

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