Gay And Lesbian Household Does Not Make A Child Gay

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Tatyana sanchez English 102:Rhetoric and Compositions Dr.Tom Bragg April 12, 2016 Being raised in a gay/lesbian household does not make a child gay: ”Ignorance is bliss” Gay, straight, lesbian bisexual, etc. These are all terms used to describe a person’s seuxual orientation. In today’s world people are harassed and assaulted because of which of these words they identify with. From 2012 up to 2012 there was a drastic change in reported hate crimes against members of the LGBT community. Shooting from 11% to 40%, in just a few months. People are unnecessarily becoming victims simply because of what they like,because of what they can not change. People do not choose what they are attracted to sexually. Sexual orientation is not a…show more content…
There have been multiple studies and experiments done on this particular subject. Scientists have yet to produce any evidence to suggest that sexual orientation is determined by a particular factor or factors.(Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality) It is even said that “ most people have little to no choice when its comes to sexual orientation”. If someone can truly change or choose if they are gay or lesbian or straight would it not be easy for them to just come out and say that they are not gay anymore? Correct, they can say that they don 't feel an attraction to the same sex but most of the time it wouldn 't be true. If people could actually choose color it should be easy to change this for the ones who do attempt to do so. People who are gay or lesbian describe their attraction as “something more than just choice, it is a feeling, a deep attraction and just can 't be “turned off” when they feel like it. Conversion therapy is just what it sounds like. This therapy is an attempt to make a child straight. To show them that being gay is a choice. conversion therapy is essentially putting out that “It 's your fault that you 're gay. You chose to live this life but, I can help you! I can rid these “bad” feelings you have and make you who you are supposed to be”. When in actuality conversion therapy is very dangerous,It can lead to that child to have self-hatred if not increase and self-hatred that they may
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