Gay And Lesbian Women : The Civil Rights And Equality Movement

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In the United States the issue of civil liberties, or a lack thereof for certain minorities has been prevalent since the 1800’s. The historically renowned Stonewall Incident marked the beginning of the civil rights and equality movement, for the gay and lesbian demographic in America. “On June 27th, 1969, patrons of the Stonewall Inn, a New York City bar popular with gays and lesbians responded to a police raid by throwing beer cans and bottles because they were angry at what they felt was unjustified police harassment” (Bardes et al. 170). Since the incident, gay men and lesbian women have formed various organizations to exert pressure on legislations, the media, schools, and churches. The liberation achieved by the homosexual community of the United States during the Stonewall Incident has lead to the acceptance of openly gay and lesbian representation in Congress, the military, and same-sex marriage in certain states. (Do I need to add a comma to thesis) -- seems long? The United States Government was structured under the principle of Democracy, which was founded in ancient Greece. The highest power of American citizens within their Democracy is to elect politicians by a majority vote, which creates a sense of legitimacy amongst the chosen leaders. In many instances, constituents or the people, elect leaders who promote fundamental American values. Historically, amongst these influences has been the conservative Protestant ideology of a happy and healthy

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