Gay And Same Sex Marriage

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The topic of gay (or same-sex) marriage has been a controversial topic throughout the nation for many years. Like most issues, different people have opposite views on the idea of the subject. Some states governments support the idea while others are totally against it. Also, within each individual state there are people that have their own opinion of the issue. Both supporters and opponents within the states have tried to pass different amendments to established laws, in which reflect their views on the subject of same sex marriage. Massachusetts is one of the few states within the nation, in which gay marriage was made legal. This result came from a ruling by the Massachusetts Judicial Court, which is the state’s highest court, after they receive several lawsuits from same sex couples reporting that it was discrimination that they couldn’t legally become married. The court ruled that the state lacked a rational basis for denying couples a marriage license simply because of their desire to marry a person of the same gender. The court also declared that The Massachusetts State Constitution upholds the dignity and supports equality of all its individuals. Therefore, to be in compliance with the state constitution, the Massachusetts Judicial Court legalized same sex marriage within the state in May 2004. Immediately after gay marriage was legalized in the State of Massachusetts, opponents of the decision began an effort to overturn the court decision and have the state
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