Gay Celebrity Lesbians

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02 11 Hottest Celebrity Lesbians Hollywood and the American entertainment industry are filled with talented, attractive, and eligible celebrity lesbians. Many of these women are an inspiration to the gay and lesbian community throughout the United States and the world who still struggle to feel comfortable with their sexuality and their place in society. Yet many of these celebrity lesbians are among the most beautiful and popular people in Hollywood and they are contributing to the growth and acceptance of the LGBT community as they openly declare their sexuality. Read on for a list of the 11 hottest celebrity lesbians of 2015. Some of these names won't surprise you, but some of them just might. Celebrity lesbians are among the most famous…show more content…
Brandy Clark has great talent in classic country, but can also tell a modern story of the present. She began playing guitar when she was only nine years old in Morton, Washington, and concentrated on athletics in high school. Clark ultimately left the world of sports to return to the world of music, moving to Nashville in 1998, studying music at Belmont University and singing in local…show more content…
Sarah Paulson American film, stage, and TV actress, Sarah Catharine Paulson began her career on stage and starred in American Gothic and Jack & Jill in the 1990's. Since then, she's had many leading stage roles and has wowed audiences in television shows and movies. She has performed as various characters on American Horror Story and was celebrated for her outstanding performances in Deadwood and American Gothic. Sarah Paulson has also been in comedy movies like Down with Love and What Women Want as well as more serious roles in dramatic films like Path to War and The Notorious Bettie Page. She's also held roles on television shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip which earned her a nomination for a Golden Globe Award, much like the HBO movie, Game Change that earned her a nomination for a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy. Paulson has been equally successful in Broadway with performances in plays like The Glass Menagerie and Collected
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