Gay Families are Still Families Essay

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While a popular catchphrase states that “family is a circle of friends that love you”, from a legal standpoint, the word “family” requires definition. Traditionally, a family has been defined as a married heterosexual couple and their children, but as more and more states are legalizing same-sex marriage, new questions arise. Regardless of one's position about whether gay marriage should be legal, it is clear that the definition of family is changing and the legal system will need to address these changes. Whether it is determining who should be a custodial parent, clarifying adoption processes, or implementing legal protections in cases of divorce, family law must grow and change along with the definition of family. Through my research,…show more content…
The article “The Peculiar Mechanics of Gay Divorce” is a wealth of anecdotes and pull quotes from field authorities. Because these articles are for mass consumption magazines, their tone is generally neutral, and journalistic practice has established them as credible sources. One specific resource upon which I have been heavily reliant in developing my thesis has been "The Future Impact of Same-Sex Marriage: More Questions Than Answers." This paper, written by a Professor of Law at Georgetown University, delves into the historical background of marriage in America, provides statistics on same-sex couples, and introduces questions on how legalization of gay marriage will impact American law (Hunter). Its sources provide a wealth of additional information, to be explored further during the research process. Like my other sources, is neutral on what response the courts should have, while addressing the importance of setting precedent in the cases that are sure to arise. I have found several portals to information regarding same-sex marriage, and will be utilizing these as a method to uncover more anecdotal and statistical information that relates to my topic. These sources will allow my point/counterpoint to have a much broader range than if I were to rely on direct field research, as they will allow me to cover a diverse spectrum of cases and demographics. While my base might be
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