Gay, Gay And Lesbian

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One of the latest genres of the visual arts, photography has had a close association with gay and lesbian culture since its establishment in the nineteenth century. Queer by definition means strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different. But then again as a slang word in the LGBT community it means homosexual or noting or relating to a person who does not conform to a normative sexual orientation or gender identity. The concept of gay photography is enigmatic. While a person can be described as homosexuals by sexual preference or gay consciousness, an inanimate object such as a photograph cannot. I will be exploring how gay and lesbian themes are influencing photography though looking at pinnacle photographers at the for front of the early years of queer photography and how they shaped the future and made that jump to show this new genre of photography and the complexities brought with it.
Since the early 19th century there has been lots evidence of gay/lesbian couples existing posing together for a two shot, even though being homosexual hadn’t been made legal yet. The images I’ve seen of gay and lesbian couples in pictures as early as 1880s (figure 1) shock me, because the risk the couples took taking these images and having them printed would of either got them arrested or even killed. This shows even as early at the 19th century the community was proud and wanted to show the rest of society why deserve to have the same privileges and rights as…
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