Gay, Gay And Lesbian

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For the past 50 years or so, gay and lesbian organizations have tried to forge a politically active gay and lesbian minority group. The gay and lesbian community have also tried to claim the liberal rights of privacy and formal equality on their behalf. The gay community wanted to align lesbian and gay rights with those of racial, ethnic, religious minority and women in the quest for full economic, political, and cultural participation in the United States. When successfully this move helps open up avenues of political and legal recourse forged by the Civil Rights and feminist movements to lesbian and gay action. Just as the Civil Rights movement had a Martin Luther King Jr, the gay and lesbian community will need a spokesman of its own. Due to the overlapping of the distinguished positions of militant nationalism and radical constructionism challenges have appeared. The structure of this country was built based on masculinity, and these organizations were testing that structure. Gays and lesbians wanted to end the secrecy of homosexuality, to challenge the notion that gay life is somehow shameful, and to show the world that numerous of highly respected men and women are gay. The gay and lesbian organizations wanted to have the same equality that the Civil Rights and feminist movements had gained in the years past. “Outing” is a political tactic now used by the New York City’s gay weekly newspaper, was a practice to get gays and lesbians to come out of the closet,…
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