Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Gay Teenagers and the Internet

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Gay Teenagers Need the Internet

The Internet serves as a platform for gay teens to express their feelings and concerns about being gay. Beyond the pornography on the Net there are also valuable and useful resources that gay teens can take advantage of. But why are these teens t using to the Internet for support? Most of the teenagers questionned for this discussion indicated that parents are not supportive of a homosexual way of life.

Most people would agree that adolescent years are some of the toughest in a persons' life. Teens are getting to know themselves sexually and learning about the world around them. While participating in a gay teen chat room, it was obvious that many g ays teens felt isolated and
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The boys' name is Bruce Murray and his story of har assment and torment was printed in the Philadelphia Daily News and later on the Internet. The publishing of this article helped Bruce and his mother fight against the lack of tolerance for gays in high schools. They also continue to help supo rt the broadening of sex-education programs in public schools. Bruce Murray has become a leader of gay activism as a result of his struggles as a teenager. These types of stories on the Internet could help a gey teenager who is looking for support or ad vice.

A site called We Are Family (WAF) provides an abundance of information and links to other helpful sources to support the gay community. Tome Myers, Director of WAF, was asked his opinion about whether or not the infor mation on the Net was useful for young gay teens. He wrote, "Any contact with whom one can be oneself is bound to be helpful to someone who feels isolated and alone. The Net cannot, however, replace loving, accepting parents and other adults, and the co mpanionship of peers." It is evident from Mr. Myers statement that most gay teenagers do feel isolated and confused. The Internet is a great place for gay teens to be themselves. Mr. Myers was also asked why gay teens were not going to their parents or freinds for support, Myers answered, "Fear of rejection by and/or loss of a relationship with parents and a place to live; abuse; ridicule;
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