Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Same-Sex Marriage and the Destruction of American Culture

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Same-Sex Marriage and the Destruction of American Culture

The late 20th century disintegration of marriage is epoch-defining and hazardous to moral health. The question of legally recognizing same-sex marriage - thrust upon us by recent court decisions - culminates this disintegration.

There are many reasons why the ills of marriage are so pivotal. Marriage is the principle of sexual morality. Immoral sexual acts are often wrong for other reasons, too, such as the injustice of imposing oneself sexually upon another without consent. But all immoral sexual activity is wrong because it is non-marital.

Our law until recently recognized this pivotal role of marriage. As United States Supreme Court
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Abortion as a legal liberty may now have roots in the economic needs and aspirations of contemporary women. That is, the abortion license is thought to be a necessary corollary of women's economic and political equality. And abortion liberty has always had a certain eugenic coloring. Roe v. Wade was nevertheless a decision midwifed by sexual freedom. Abortion was backup contraception.

Thirty-five million legal abortions have not eroded the staunch pro-life commitments of more than half of this country's inhabitants. We may live in a culture of death, but many escape its corrupting influence. Indeed, the vast majority of Americans, whether avowedly pro-life or "pro-choice," know that abortion is wrong. If there is a classic case proving the Apostle's vision of a natural law written on the hearts of all, abortion is it. Many who support abortion rights obligingly cite their "personal" opposition to abortion, and even a pro-abortion President hoped to make it "rare." At a Congressional hearing in July 1999, a New York Representative, who would more fittingly be described as the Ayatollah of abortion rights, could not help speaking of "moms" and "expectant mothers" carrying "babies." Catching himself, he referred very deliberately, though unconvincingly, to "pregnant women." However, no one asks a pregnant woman how her "fetus" is doing. One asks how the

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