Gay Lingo as a Form of Deviance

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Sociology 101

Dr. Aleli Sevilla

September 8, 2010


This paper aims to answer the following questions:

1. How did Gay Lingo evolve to become a form of innovative deviance?

2. Does the use of Gay Lingo by the society equate to the acceptance of homosexuals in the Philippines?

The researchers have formulated the following hypotheses as preliminary answers to the questions stated above:

1. Gay Lingo resulted from the sheltered emotions of homosexuals here in the Philippines. Their desire to protect themselves against the discriminating faces of society brought about the colorful language that it is today.
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However, the acceptance and adaption [sic] to something which is not established or proper to one’s cultural pattern marks a change brought about by the exposure of the members to the language different from their own, their opportunity to accept it and the way the language was diffused. Indeed, swardspeak has a way with the life of the male homosexuals [sic], for reasons important to them that common people may not know, the use of it can be considered justifiable. But what really is swardspeak? What is it for? What implications does it have on the social environment of male homosexuals? Only very recently did social scientists investigate the social facade of male homosexuals yet has been very limited to areas related to behavioral indices.

Clemente, M.D., Saavedra, M., & Vera-Cruz, C. (1991, January). Swardspeak as a Means to the Formation of the Male Homosexuals’ Social Identity (College Thesis). Gay: [sic] Lingo the Reasons Behind Its Use Why do male overt homosexuals speak in such a strange tongue? What is it really that makes them use the gay lingo or the swardspeak, as the lingo has been labeled? According to Abraham Florendo (1975), the lingo which he calls “a linguistic gymnastics”, succeeds in drawing a gay person into

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