Gay Lingo in the Philippine

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1.1 Historical and Conceptual Background

1.2.1 Historical Background
Filipino gay language or swardspeak language is a vernacular language derived from Englog (English- Tagalog) and is used by a number of gay Filipinos. It uses elements from Tagalong, English, Spanish, Niponggo, from celebrities’ names and signature brands hat giving a new context of this unique language. A unique trait of swardspeak is that it immediately identifies the speaker as homosexual, making it easy for people of that orientation to signal each other in a place where such tendencies are not easy to display in the Philippines. This creates an exclusive world among its speakers and helps them to resist cultural
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Television nowadays is part of daily lives among Filipino people, television is a great influenced among the people of this generation, they are persuade the way they think about things and life as a whole. Since a lot of Filipino celebrities now, and even politicians like Merriam Santiago and Tito Sotto uses gay language as part of how they attract interest on their viewers to listen to them whenever they are giving their lines or speech. Most often due to the exposure in gay language on their every day lives, Filipino viewers aware on unaware adapts the language and been part of their everyday lives as their colloquial language. Sometimes even people who are quite irritated with the language and those who belong to upper class social level gradually spoken the language unnoticeably and adapt it from time to time on their casual conversation and more surprisingly straight Filipino men can also speak or at least understand the language. (, 2008) Gay language rules in Filipino television from early 80’s to present, starting to Roderick Paulate to Joey De Leon and Vice Ganda who leads in using the language to entertain their viewers. (, 2013) 1.2 Statement of the Problem

Television as the most influential media nowadays is one of the major contributing factor how gay language spreads drastically in the country. This research will define the different

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