Gay Marriage- A Controversial Topic

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Those who oppose same-sex marriage believe that it is a sacred bond that can only be kept sacred between a man and a woman, and that same-sex marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage. Also, if gay marriage is allowed they believe that it will open the door to other non-traditional relationships to be accepted such as polygamy. Finally other key oppositions come from religious beliefs and standards. However the many that support gay marriage usually argue that everyone should have equal right to be in relationships with each other and receive the financial, emotional, and social benefits of marriage. I mean who really would be affected if same-sex marriage were to become legal? Nobody. If everyone feels that there is that special someone whom they are perfect for and will fall in love with, gay people would feel the same way. They deserve equal opportunity to not only find that perfect somebody but to be able to love them and get married. Leading to parenthood, and while gay couples are not able to have children on their own, that doesn’t mean they can’t adopt children off the street. However, several times have happened where a gay couple were put at the end of a waiting list or even denied completely just because of their sexual orientation. Other benefits to marriage are also tax breaks and…

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