Gay Marriage, Abortion, Or Gun Control

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Our world in this day and age is changing. We are not as unaware as we were before. Whether that on social issues like gay marriage, abortion, or gun control. Or issues such as changes in our communities. We are seeing that our world is rapidly changing, one main issue is rights being denied to people. These rights are usually called unalienable rights, these are the rights we are born with. Women all around the world are being denied these rights. Yes, I know, feminism is the social, economic, and political equality between men and women. But, we will be focusing on women today. Today, women around the world are facing major inequalities, whether that is the wage gap to being allowed new opportunities. We are finally realizing this is a problem. But, it’s not just women in the 1st world who have these problems, its women in 3rd world countries who need feminism the most. One might claim that feminism is not needed, men and women are equal all around the world. But, that’s not the case. Yes, I won’t deny, we have made progress in making equal stronger between men and women. More and more women around the world are being able to vote and run for office, but many still aren’t able to vote at all. There are still major issues that women are facing. I will inform you of these issues later, but these issues create great obstacles in the lives of these women. They need feminism to allow themselves to get over these obstacles, and there is no denying it. Another might say: “They
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