Gay Marriage And The Right Of Same Sex Marriage

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In the United States, there is a communal controversy regarding the right of same-sex marriage. I decided to explore the views of two different authors who contrast each other. British Author, Andrew Sullivan writes the essay, “For Gay Marriage” about equal rights on marriages for same-sex couples. William J. Bennett composes the essay, “Against Gay Marriage” giving his views on why couples of the same sex should not be allowed to engage in marital relations. Sullivan supports the idea of gay marriages while Bennett opposes the idea. Referring to the article in the “Moral Issues” book…. Page…give examples from there. Every human being has emotional needs and different interests, giving rise to diverse and conflicting opinions on gay marriage dealing with social issues, domestic partnership and religious viewpoints. Marriage is a statement of love and commitment; it is the key to a pursuit of happiness. Homosexuals have identical emotional needs and temptations as heterosexuals and there is no reason marriage should be permitted to one class and not the other. Sullivan is a strong believer that gay and lesbian couples should be treated as equals in society and no different than anyone else. Many people are afraid of the effects same-sex marriages could have on our culture. Sullivan explains that gay men and women are no different from anyone else in society as far as political and moral beliefs, so they deserve equal opportunity. Sullivan stays strong in emphasizing that
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