Gay Marriage Essay

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The issue of gay marriage has been stirring controversy among the nation for some years. Previously considered a taboo subject and only discussed within the gay community, the issue of gay marriage has made it to the forefront of national headlines. Many states are currently allowing the issue to be decided on by the voters. However, the gay community still faces some obstacles in their fight for equality. While the issue of gay marriages is gaining more acceptances, homosexual couples who choose to marry still face issues unlike those of interracial couples in the past. Like interracial couples in the 1950s and 1960s, homosexuals have had to fight for their rights to marry the person of his or her choosing. There were laws dating back…show more content…
Kailas 2005). Many people are in favor of legalizing a civil union or domestic partnership for same sex couples but will stop short on agreeing to a marriage between same sex couples. Legalizing same sex marriage would give gay couples the same rights and privileges of heterosexual couples. The issues of health insurance, death and survivor benefits, and the right to file their income tax as married are just a few of the issues they seek to rectify. If one of the partners in a gay relationship becomes the victim of a violent crime, the other one does not have the same protections of heterosexual couples, such as confidentiality of address or the right to make an impact statement in a court of law. If one partner is a police officer, fire fighter or in the military and are killed in the line of duty, they cannot receive any of the survivor’s benefits. If there are minor children in the relationship, the surviving partner does not have any parental rights to that child. Currently, there are five states that allow gay marriage. The state of New Jersey allows same-sex couples to enter in to a civil union. A civil union is a form of relationship recognition that gives same-sex couples access to the state-level only rights and responsibilities of marriage. Same-sex couples living in California, the District of Columbia, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state can take advantage of broad domestic partner laws that,

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