Gay Marriage Ethics Paper

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Gay Marriage
Soc 120
Amy Lyons
June 27, 2011
Just because someone doesn’t love the same way as you do does not make them wrong or make them crazy, it makes them unique. Majority of people around the world feel that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that gays should not have that right because they believe being gay is morally wrong. If being gay is morally wrong then why are their gay people? That is like saying being white is morally wrong. People honestly who believe this don’t really stop and think outside the box and think that what is in the bible is right. If you look at the ethical reason behind why people believe that gay marriage is wrong, it is purely due to discrimination. There are no real reasons why gay
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Since these people have no biological bond with their gender, can they really be demanded to marry a certain gender. There is no certain way to determine what people with this disease will look like, but we can at least not judge based on appearances alone.
Many people ask themselves why gays and lesbians even want to attempt to get laws passed and allowed legal marriages. Why would they want to be married? Are they not happy with the relationship in which they have? Gays and lesbians are just like heterosexuals, they want their marriages recognized by the law. They are like any couple and want a marriage to consecrate devotion and love for each other. They want that simple document that the government gives to heterosexuals which binds two people into a marriage. Regardless of what is decided by the courts about the legality of statutes banning same-sex marriage, Americans have begun to change and are continuing to move toward accepting it much the same as they did in the past with interracial marriages.
Back in the day, races weren’t allowed to mix or get married. If a white fell in love with an African American it was frowned upon and the African American would have been hung if found that they were also attracted to the white. It wasn’t right for them to mix but now they can get married and mix races and it is okay. It is like the same for gay marriage, it is frowned upon but it is okay to be gay just not to be

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