Gay Marriage Is Illegal And Not Be Fully Accepted By Society Essay

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Homosexuals refers to people whose sexual interest is in the same-sex rather than the opposite-sex. The term gay is generally used to indicate male homosexuals while sometimes it is used to represent for both female and female homosexuals; the term lesbian just refers to female homosexuals (“Homosexuality”, 2016).
Since same-sex marriage is illegal and cannot be fully accepted by the society in China while Chinese are subjected to Chinese traditional culture and norms, including marriage culture (Li, 1998), it generates heterosexual marriage of homosexuals. A research conducted by Liu and Lu (2005) showed that in mainland China, approximately 90 percent of homosexuals would choose to get married and about 80 percent of them have already married, that is, engaged in heterosexual marriage.

WHO -- Definition of heterosexual marriage of homosexuals
Heterosexual marriage refers to the a legally and socially sanctioned marital relation between a female and a male (“Marriage”, 2016; "Marriage, n.", 2016) while one of them is homosexual. Heterosexual marriage of homosexual creates two kind of groups except for those homosexuals, which are gay’s wife and lesbian’s husband.
For some homosexuals, in order to follow the wishes of their parents and the culture, they may have some reciprocal marriage with the opposite-sex homosexuals with premarital consensus. However, their marriage does not have some traditional functions of family (e.g. economic function).

HOW -- Social issues and
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