Gay Marriage Position Paper

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Position Paper: Should Gay Marriage be Legalized? In America, marriage has been traditionally defined as a legally recognized commitment between a man and a woman as their ultimate expression of love. Throughout recent years, homosexual relationships have become more accepted than ever before in our country. “Civil unions,” or ceremonies celebrating the affirmation of same-sex partnerships, have become available to gay and lesbian couples, though they undeniably are not the same thing as marriages. Much national debate has risen over whether gays should be legally allowed to marry rather than be forced to have civil unions. I personally believe that gay marriage should not be legalized because it would undermine the term…show more content…
Studies show that homosexuals, for a variety of reasons, have life expectancies of approximately 20 years less than the general population. ( HPV, Hepatitis A, B, and C, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, “Gay Bowel Syndrome,” and HIV/AIDS have all been found to be more prevalent in homosexual than heterosexual men, while lesbian women have a higher prevalence of Bacterial Vaginosis, Hepatitis C, HIV risk behaviors, and cancer risk factors such as smoking, poor diet, and obesity compared to heterosexual women. Homosexuals also have more mental health problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, Nicotine dependence, depression, and suicide. It has also been proven that these problems do not result from discrimination from the heterosexual majority, because areas with more tolerance of homosexual relationships were found to have higher rates of physical and mental health problems, suggesting that the real problem lies in the homosexual lifestyle itself. (Sprigg 87). Just as unhealthy lifestyles of smoking and drinking should be discouraged, so should homosexuality. When we make members of our society physically and mentally unhealthy, we continue to further weaken our country. All things considered, there is just no way that the legalization of gay marriage could be beneficial to our country, and for this reason I do
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