Gay Marriage Right or Wrong

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Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong?

Kristina Waltmire

SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
June 13, 2011
Dr. Eva M. Ananiewicz
Ashford University

This paper will give a look into the religious, social ethics, and rights of a gay couple wanting to get married. Gay marriage debates are very emotional and important to many people and there are many sides to every argument. Religious leaders want to state what the bible is saying and saying that same-sex marriage is wrong based on the bible’s teachings. Gay people are fighting for their right to marry and live what they feel as a “normal life”. This paper will look in to the ethics and possible solutions to this important issue.

Introduction In today’s
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Religious leaders are giving only a few examples to explain their view that it is wrong for gay couples to marry. One argument of religious leaders is that in the Christian Bible marrying the same sex is a sin. They are saying this is not the choice God would want someone to choose. Religious leaders are also stating that the Bible states that God intended marriage to be one man and one woman until death (Sullivan, 2004). Leaders are also stating that God created marriage to let people have children and two individuals of the same sex cannot naturally conceive a child (Sullivan, 2004). Christian followers believe that children should only be born to the “traditional” married couples (Mohr, 2005). Religious leaders fear that untraditional couples having children will threaten the traditional marriage and values of the Christian faith (Mohr, 2005). The gay community does not see it that way. They feel as though they are able to provide for the child and give the child love and morals then they should be able to have children. Some people believe that the ability to have children is a civil and human right in this country. Therefore, the next common issue brought up by the gay marriage debates is civil and human rights. These issues are some of the most complicated because some people will look at these and say if they cannot get married then they should not be able to have the same benefits as a traditional married couple. Equality in many areas are
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