Gay Marriage Rights

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Children don’t choose their parents when they are born and for those who are adopted they often don't have a choice at such a young age who their parents are either. These children can only hope for loving parents no matter what race, sexuality or marital status. With knowing this, LGBT couples’ rights when adopting children are still questioned. Even though abuse and divorce, which can negatively affect a child's mental state, are possibilities in any relationship no matter what sexuality. For most cases adopted children live happy lives and having gay parents is normal to them. Still, the rights of LGBT couples being able to adopt children has been debated recently with some saying these couples should not be allowed to adopt at all, and others saying that LGBT couples should have the same rights as straight couples when adopting children. A third side to this debate is that too many children are in foster care and it should be encouraged for every couple to adopt a child if they can. For the stance that LGBT couples should not be allowed to adopt, nature and religion and the main arguments. Allowing gay couples the right to adopt children could offend those who believe that homosexuality is a sin. Many religions believe that being gay is not correct and is punished in the afterlife. With this viewpoint of the LGBT community it is feared that gay parents will influence their children to also be gay leading to more sinners in the world. Another religious issue with
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