Gay Marriage : Same Sex Marriage

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Running Head: SAME-SEX MARRIAGE NATIONALLY Same-Sex Marriage Nationally Makenzie L. Griffin Albia Community School District Authors Note This paper was prepared for government, period 2, taught by Mrs. Peterson. Abstract Same-sex marriage nationally has become more and more common now than it used to be in the nineteen-eighty’s. There are many organization groups that help spread the word about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues and why it is wrong to discriminate against them. The Republicans and Democrats have also started to change the ways they think about same-sex marriage. The Republicans support has grown the most throughout the years, but the Democrats have always been more ok with same-sex marriage. This was one of the most rapid growing changes in the U.S. It has constantly changed and the majority of American’s are for same-sex marriage. Same-Sex Marriage Nationally What really is the big deal about same-sex marriage? It is not hurting other people, so why do we all care so much? You always hear people talking about how they love living in country that is free, but is it really ‘free’ if everyone can not marry who they want to marry? Continue to read on if you would like to hear more about the many different views people have on same-sex marriage and what some interest groups are doing to change the views others have about this topic. Over the past two decades, same-sex marriage has started to become more and more
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