Gay Marriage Should Be Banned From Marriage

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Equality For All
Edin Tutic
First Year Cornerstone
University of Northern Iowa

“Why I am ashamed today to call myself an Iowan.” caught my eye as I searched for an opinionated article to write a rhetorical analysis over.The purpose of this article was for the author, Emily Heyer, to express her thoughts and opinions for gay marriage, and to share her views on why Iowa should have been pro gay marriage in 2011. This article is a straight woman’s view on gay marriage and why Iowa should have voted in favor for gay marriage in 2011. The author gives examples of times when Iowa voted towards equality. She argues that if gays are not allowed to be married because they can’t procreate that women who are unable to have children and all couples that can’t reproduce without a medical intervention should also be banned from marriage. The author, Emily Heyner, builds her credibility with facts, quotes, and logical reasoning. However, toward the end of this article, Heyner begins comparing Gay Rights to some of the United States most dark historical events, including slavery and Native America Genocide.
Emily Heyner is employed at the University of Iowa. Heyner mentions numerous court cases where Iowa was one of the first states in the nation to progress towards equality, such as Dred Scott v. Sandford which maintained the rights of slave owners to treat a person as property. She uses similar strategies applying pathos throughout her article to appeal to the reader’s

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