Gay Marriage Should Be Legal And The Normalization Of Homosexuality

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The LGBQT community have made great strides into achieving their goal and legalizing gay marriage. However despite gay marriage becoming legal and the normalization of homosexuality, the LGBQT community continues to face scrutiny over their lifestyle. I will be talking about the various conflicts the community faced in the past and continues to face in the present. And the various sociological concepts that links as to why homosexuality is seen by society as deviance , such as the Functionalist perspective and Socialization. According to the American Psychological Association, the current scientific understanding is that individuals are usually aware of their sexual orientation between middle childhood and early adolescence (2008).…show more content…
The roles were functional because women were limited by the physical restraints of pregnancy and unable to leave home for a long time. Once the roles were established it was passed long through generations since it kept the family system functioning properly. During the war many women took the mens job seeing as the men were away in war. When the men returned from war and wanted to reclaim their jobs, society fell into imbalance because women did not want to relinquish their positions and also because the women were able to the mens job as well as they did. When it comes to sexuality functionalist stress the importance of regulating sexual behavior that ensure marital cohesion and family stability. Functionalist sees the family unit as the most important component in society and they promote family preservation. From Functionalist point of view homosexuality cannot be promoted as acceptable substitute for heterosexuality. If homosexuality where to be promoted it would block procreation. So, if homosexuality were to occur primarily it would cause dysfunction to society. The problem of sexuality emerged in the 19th century as biological, social, psychological and moral concern. Homosexual was first defined as a kind person and later changed. With the change of definition of homosexuality led to social anxieties from the threat of

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