Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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For many years, gay marriage has been banned in most states in the United States. Today there are 14 out of 50 states who ban same-sex marriage but, things are changing and people are taking a stand in what they believe in ( However, some people still don’t find gay marriage socially acceptable. In 2008, California’s Congress passed Proposition 8 which claimed that gay marriage was unacceptable. This caused controversy with their views that homosexual relationships were “unworthy of respect, dignity, and status that society accords to marriages”(Olson). Conservatives and fundamentalist suspect that if gay marriages were accepted and legal in all states, our country would eventually become weak and our society would become at risk. They claim that it would somehow lead to legalized polygamy and interspecies marriages which would tear our country apart. The Marriage Debate states that the Supreme Court shouldn’t allow the political processes of the states to debate on whether same-sex marriage should be legal because it would then lead the states to begin to discriminate and cause pain and humiliation to gay men, lesbians, and their kids for as long as they wish. Therefore, the Constitution forbids this. I believe if homosexuals want to express their love through getting their marriage legalized, it should be acceptable in all states. While it might be true that gay marriage doesn’t always prosper in happiness, it does not necessarily mean that all same-sex

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