Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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June 26th, 2015, a group of same-sex couples sued the states of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. They challenged the constitution of those states, for their refusal to legalize same sex marriage. In the past there had been plenty of cases of discrimination against same sex couples. Homosexual relationships, and even gay marriages, have existed since the beginning of recorded history, in 1970 the fight for marriage equality exploded. Gay couples looking into getting marriage licenses were denied, which started a battle for equal rights. Homosexual couples demanded the right to marry, desiring the same benefits given to married heterosexual couples. While some nations have legalized same-sex marriage, many others have
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During the fourth century the first Christian emperor completely got rid of pagan beliefs and traditions and brought them their Christian practices. Christianity became more popular and eventually it influenced roman laws. The laws were put in place and it changing Rome into a new found christian society opposed to the pagan one it was before.The new laws that were set band homosexuality beginning the intolerance of same sex marriages. The romans beliefs spread all over the western hemisphere and has majorly affected them to this day. So because Romans prohibit homosexuality, the western hemisphere followed that idea. Through the years the romans practices crept across the world influencing those all over. This created a huge problem for same-sex couples who desired to get married in the twenty-first century.

Gay and Lesbian rights
During the 1950s and 60s activities like holding hands, sexual associated activities, grouping in public, kissing, and drinking alcohol were all illegal for homosexuals in most states. The first groups that stood for homosexual men and women started in the mid-1950s, and the modern gay rights movement did not take place until the 1960s. It wasn’t until civil rights campaigns, the women 's movement, and antiwar protests began that gays were able to challenge previous laws and stand up for their rights. Not until a decade after were gay women and men “consented” to the privacy of a sexual life.
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