Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Attention Getter: Apparently Gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage but countless divorced heterosexual marriages, celebrity marriages that can hardly last over 2 weeks are not? How can gay marriage possibly destroy a institution that is already failing?
Pros and cons: Many argue that allowing homosexuals to wed will go against there religious beliefs, but not allowing them to marry is a huge violation of rights protected by the Constitution.
Stance: Same sex marriage should be legal, it is inhumane to not allow someone to have such a trivial right.
Thesis: Banning same sex marriage is directly against the constitution violating the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.
Preview of main points: Not allowing same sex marriage is stripping the rights of individuals, Homosexual couples should be allowed the same rights as heterosexual couples, allowing same sex marriage would positively benefit the adoption system.

Argument 1: Denying same sex marriage is discrimitory and a violation of their religious freedom
Subpoint1: Denying same sex marriage is in clear violation of the united states constitution. As mentioned by Paul Horwitz in the Fall 2010 edition of the Commonweal, the United States was a haven for those who wished to escape religious persecution yet hundreds of years later we bring this problem down on others. When we deny individuals their natural born rights we deny them the same equality and force them to deal with a society that

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