Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Tiara Cramm
Ms. Lueck
English 9-5
May 12, 2015
Gay Marriage Did you know that 52% of the population support gay marriage and 40% of the population do not (Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage), but what happens with that 8% that doesn’t know or doesn’t care? What if the 8% could help people be happy. Did you know 10% of the population in the world is gay (Robison)? There are so few gays in our population. Are people just being selfish or do they honestly believe that it’s such a bad thing and that having gays could cause problems. I hope in this paper you see what side you want to support and go with. First off I would like to tell you the argument side against gay marriage and why people do not like it and don’t want to see it legal. People that think gay marriage is so wrong usually goes off of three things. First is usually the religious side and debates on whether god wants it to be that way and how there are raised is also a factor in the religious side. Second they argue that if adopted a kid or kids that it would mentally hurt the child and could cause damage having parents that are gay and not having both a mother and a father. Third is the people either just don’t want to see it or its against everything, this would also combined with the tradition reasons and complaints. this is where people come up with all the reasons why it should be illegal. Most of those reasons can be hurt full and sometimes make no sense. To people that are gay all this comes as an offence
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