Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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In Defense of Gay Marriage Right now our country is still dealing with one of the bigger social issues that plagues our society. People will argue for and against it in many different ways, whether it be right or wrong. The issue at hand is whether gay marriage should be legal or illegal. There are arguments on both sides of the spectrum, but at the end of the day gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states. Marriage is a right and freedom that should not be denied to any one person because of sexual orientation. In the last 3 years, the legalization of gay marriage has spiked. As of right now, according to, there are currently 37 states that have legalized gay marriage. Since 2012, 31 states have legalized it. The first one to do it, though, was Massachusetts way back in 2003. I then took five more years before Connecticut would become the second state to legalize. But of the 13 states that have yet to legalize it, eight of those states legalized it, then had it overturned and now face an appeals process to sort out the matter. The other 5 states have ceased to do anything to change the law. As time progresses, more and more people are supporting gay marriage. According to the Pew Research Center, over 54% of Americans are in support of gay marriage. If you look even as far back as 1996, only 27% of people supported it. If you break it down into how each generation views it, 68% of Millennials are in favor of it. Compare that to the Silent
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