Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Gay marriage is a topic that is widely discussed and debated similar to racism or women’s rights, but now that gay marriage is legal people are still trying to ban their freedom statewide. All American couples deserve decent health care, spousal death benefits, and all other privileges afforded through marriage. Same sex unions should not be different from heterosexual marriages. Same sex couples have been denied tremendous amounts of health benefits, but with the legalization of gay marriage do they get regular health benefits just like regular couples? “With marriage rights now available to gay and lesbian couples in all 50 states, experts say employer-sponsored health coverage for same-sex domestic partners - offered by 46% of large and midsize companies before the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling -could decrease in future years” (Dunning 2). As humans we should ALL receive equal rights. Being black, white, gay, lesbian, transgender, short, or tall should not define who we are and what benefits we are allowed. “The unprecedented expansion of marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples in the past year has exerted added pressure on employers to review the health care benefits they extend to employees’ same-sex spouses and domestic partners” (“Employers” 1). It is very sad that gay and lesbian couples used to have to file separately at the federal and state level. Colleen Carcone states that “Before the Supreme Court’s ruling this year, it was unclear whether married couples
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