Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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Pablo Pacheco Professor:
Rahime-Malik Howard Sociology 1301-93431 Gay Marriage Getting married is something that most people do when they find love, which it is an important event in their life. The GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community now get the legal right of same-sex marriage, which they have fought for throughout the years; on the other hand, some opponents of same-sex marriage have called for a constitutional change towards it. Although there were some countries that allowed gay marriage before the United States, in June 26, 2015 a very important day for the GLBT community and American history since congress voted on making legal same sex marriage in all 50 states. The GLBT community should be allowed to marry as any other heterosexual couples since they too, are deserving of love and the basic legal rights enjoyed by married heterosexuals and not to be judged by opponents of same sex marriage.
Gay marriage should be legalized in our government and accepted in our society because we are all humans and deserve equal rights and equal love. Same-sex couples should have the right to marry since we live in a nation that teaches us about the rights of freedom; therefore, gay and lesbians couples ought to have the freedom to choose whomever they are pleased to marry and whenever or wherever they are to do so. In addition, gay and lesbians should also have the same basic legal rights that heterosexual couples enjoy such as health insurance benefits, the…

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