Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Gay Marriages Marriage is considered as hypothetically speaking, a rite of passage whilst from the religious point of view, it is considered as holy matrimony before a supreme being. Attraction between individuals of the same sex has been a topic of debate since time immemorial. However, over the past few years gay individuals have opted to air grievances of oppression despite receiving tremendous critics from the public. Initially, gay marriages were unfathomable events to the mere mind and culminated in the rise of heated debates between the supporters and critics among the church being at the forefront. However, times are different now, and gays are becoming more accepted in the society as well as all that pertains to daily lives such as marriage, gay events just to mention but a few. This argumentative essay focuses on the central issues of gay marriage and evaluating arguments on whether the gay marriage should be legalized. During medieval times, gay people were loathed and were considered as immoral. Researchers plunged into carrying out studies based on mental functioning all in an effort to determine the cause of affective dysfunction. In the process, critics posed an argument that gay behaviors were learned, hence being gay is an acquired behavior. However, this critics was overthrown by the fact research revealed that the main problem was in the effective functioning of the individual hence making the behavior naturally acquired. The

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