Gay Marriage Should Not Be Allowed Anywhere On This Earth.

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Gay Marriage should not be allowed anywhere on this Earth. Charles Colson, a contributing editor of the Christianity Today magazine and a radio commentator, was against gay marriage in his article, he wrote “Gay “Marriage”: Societal Suicide.” Many people can flood both sides of this argument, but are mainly against gay marriages. Gay marriage is a sin, violates the natural law, children should be raised by a mother and father, and the rights should not be equal if they choose to disobey God. However, Katha Pollitt a poet and essayist, is all for gay marriage in her article, “What’s wrong with Gay Marriage?” First and foremost, gay marriages should not be allowed in the United States because we all as humans were not put on this earth to…show more content…
A child should be raised by a father and a mother. A child should not be raised by the same gender growing up.
Gay marriage ignores the offspring’s best interests. It really offends God in a lot of ways that there are people in our world like this. People will use the excuse of everybody sins, but I know that this issue is one of the major sins that you should not cross, no matter the circumstances. God created men and women to be fertile and multiply. He created us to raise the children correctly and maybe become doctors. He did not create us to raise or have the same gender. Children need mother and father figures throughout their life. In the Article “What’s wrong with Gay Marriage?” by the Katha Pollitt, she is for Gay Marriage and honestly believes there is nothing wrong with it. She does not believe that homosexuals threaten the institution. In the article on page 461, Pollitt states, “Gay marriage is not about sex, it is about separation of church and state. She strongly believes that gay marriage creates happiness. Pollitt is not a fan of marriage because she rather love freely, but she agrees that gay marriage should get the same type of treatment like an ordinary marriage between a man and woman. She sees marriage as an easy way to receive money. Some people look at it as loving one person and growing family.
“Speaking for myself…... as a social mechanism, ,moreover, marriage seems to me a deeply unfair way of distributing social goods like health insurance,

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