Gay Marriage Should Not Be Denied Service

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Stores across America have established themselves as Christian businesses and refuse to cater to gay marriages. They do this based on their belief that gay marriage is wrong, and against their faith, and because of this they can’t provide their services or they would be supporting it. In Indiana, a small town pizzeria was asked what their position was on the Religious Restoration Freedom act, and stated that they were a Christian establishment and could not cater to gay marriages. However they would serve gay people and couples in their store. The gay community and supporters immediately bashed at the pizzeria, saying they discriminated the gays, causing them to close down, possibly having to leave town. Religious freedom has been a big…show more content…
Much commotion has risen from both sides of these laws, and it is important to see as to what the laws protect/define. The Religious Freedom Restoration act laws that have been passed by some of the states gives the rights for people to deny service based on religious belief. The RFRA’s ensure that the interests in religious freedom are protected. Many states have adapted their own form of the RFRA’s. On the other side, some states provide LGBT protection that illegalizes discrimination in public places. These rights are aimed towards the protection of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc. to protect them from public discrimination. However one must view how or if discrimination is occurring. There is a difference between not wanting to serve someone because they are gay, and not being able to cater (support) to a same-sex wedding due to religious beliefs. Yes there is discrimination in society today that undermines and demeans the gay community. However the religious community does not look to discriminate people that are homosexual. Religious doctrine denies that a sacred marriage can be between two of the same sex, and because of this, a religious person, group, business, etc. cannot support a gay marriage with their services. The question now is whether Religious freedom can deny a person of their freedoms. This is something that can really go both ways. Christians are merely expressing their religious
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