Gay Marriage : The American Dream Of Marriage

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I believe the American Dream is still a thing that Millennials try to succeed to get to but it has alternate a bit since its first bringing. Many Millennials do want to purchase a home in their lifetime but as time goes on, the pricing for houses get more and more expensive which puts some back. They will take their time to accumulate the amount of money they need for their dream home but it won’t necessarily come easy or quickly. Instead of wanting to buy a home in your twenties, some Millennials may want until their thirties so that they can be financially secure for their major housing purchase. As for the lovely white picket fence in their front yard, some my not want that one specific detail that was once known to be a massive dream for many Americans. To many the white picket fence symbolized their accomplishments and security of what they have earned in the life. In the growing age of millennials they may own something completely different for their home that will have the same importance and meaning to them. As the years go by, generations have different views of topics and issues that can sculpt the way other generations perceive them as a whole. Based on the American Dream of marriage, that too has altered in this up and coming generation. Many believed that the perfect marriage was only between a man and a woman but with gay marriage now being legal, it has changed the lives of people of live in America. Many Millennials do want to get married but it is not as

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