Gay Marriage and Religion Essay

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Although the gay marriage topic has been pretty hot this year and during the Presidential debate, it has been around for a while, but people tended to ignore it. In contrast, today the topic has gained national attention. Not only has it been an interesting topic to look at in terms of same-sex weeding but also due to religious means. Some opponents object to same-sex marriage on religious grounds, arguing that extending marriage to homosexual couple's undercuts the conventional meaning of marriage in various traditions, and does not fulfill and procreation role. Writers have coined the term "marriage" to be restricted to a religious context and that state and federal government should not be involved in the religious practice. This could …show more content…
It provides one of the great outlets for social intercourse and enjoyment." In Islam, Ph. D. Farah expresses from the previous quote is that the jointment of marriage serves to emphasize the significance attached to family life as a force for unity in Islamic society. "The… and they have taken a strong pledge (Mithaqun Ghaltihun) from you?" The Quran specifically refers to marriage as "Mithaqun Ghalithun," which means "a strong agreement." The seriousness of this of this covenant becomes very obvious when one finds the same term, Mithaqun Ghaltihun, being used for the agreement trade between Allah and the Prophet before granting them the responsibility of Parenthood. Like anything else in their society that the Muslim does, marriage is taught not to be undertaken until gaining an understanding of all that Allah has prescribed in terms of rights and obligations as well as gaining a understanding of the wisdom behind the institution. A Muslim is not to engage in something that is important as marriage unless there is a full understanding of the purpose of marriage in Islam. Furthermore, from a reader's standpoint, the purpose of marriage is not simply to produce any child that will live in the next generation but a child who will be obedient to Allah. This is impossible to achieve when there are two people of the same-ex

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