Gay Men in the Working Society

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Gay Men and the Working Society

Professor LoPresti
English 102 - Spring Semester – MW06
May 08, 2013

The purpose of this research paper is to portray how gay men are treated and how their friendships are made in a working society in general. I started my research for this paper by reading two books written by authors through personal research. They found many results when they were researching the topic of gay men and friendships. A part in both the books when they mention a gay man working got me interesting into researching that aspect. While researching, I came across articles that talked about my topic. From reading those articles, I can tell that the author was also very curious about how gay men were treated in a
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At first, I wanted to research up Islam and homosexuality but then I thought it would a little too short for me to explain in twenty pages. Then I remembered what happened at the counselors’ office. From there, I wanted to know if all gay men were treated like that in different kinds of workplaces. My question to myself, regarding this research, was, “How are gay men treated in a work society filled with people of different gender and sexuality?” My hypothesis is that gay men were treated depending on the other person’s gender and sexuality. My job after that was to see if my research of the topic lead me to the same conclusion.
For this research paper, I started to get my information from different methods such as background reading, surveys and interviews.
Background Reading My first method in completing this research paper was reading various writings by six different authors: Tillman-Healy (2001), Aaron and Ragusa (2011), Rumenss (2010 and 2008), Dooley (2009), and Price (2011). In the book, (2001) Between gay and straight: Understanding friendship across sexual orientation, the author Lisa M. Tillman-Healy, talks about how some of the gay men are living their work life. One of the men, Al, has to hide his true sexuality from his work place to risk being fired and losing all his money. Another gay man, Tim, works as a gay bartender at a gay bar, where being gay is
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