Gay Men's Wellness Month

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Since its launch in 2013, Black Gay Men’s Wellness Month has focused on the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of Black gay and bisexual men. Another key component is educating them on prevention, testing, and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The goal of the month is to empower the community to “take charge of their own lives through sustained healthy habits,” according to In The Meantime founder, Jeffrey King. To support that goal, The Meantime is hosting five events at the Carl Bean House on August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, and the 29th. The first event, a panel titled “Our Love Is Worth Protecting” will be facilitated by Gabriel Maldonado, Executive Director of TrueEvolution and Jayce Baron’s, from Kiss+Tell Collective. The panel is named after In The Meantime’s billboard that went up in Atlanta by Bull Dogs (a popular Black gay nightclub) during Pride weekend. In the billboard, two muscular Black men embraced, with the language “Our Love Is Worth Protecting” and “We Get Tested” in bold font beside them. On Tuesday, August 11, 2015, there will be a dialogue with Greg Wilson, Deputy Director at REACH LA, OVAHNESS Youth Leadership Group and In The Meantime’s BoiRevolution to discuss…show more content…
Riggs was an openly gay director, educator, and poet. While shooting the documentary, he was diagnosed with HIV. “Tongues Untied” combines footage of Riggs hospitalization with poetry, historical clips, interviews, and dramatized scenes in an attempt to depict the minutiae of Black gay identity and “shatter the nation’s brutalizing silence on matters of sexual and racial difference.” The documentary premiered on PBS on July 16, 1991. According to the DVD, it “contributed to the national debate about the National Endowment for the Arts funding for art with nudity, gay themes, and pointed political
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