Gay Rights Essay

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Fighting for Gay Rights In our society we should protect LGBT rights it’s unfair that we treat them differently. We should make more changes about how we treat them they should be allowed to go as they please or shop at places they want to shop at. Without being told they can not go in a certain restaurant because the way they are. People should not discriminate the reason being is you never know what that person been through or why they are like that. And it’s hard for a person to actually be themselves without people telling them that it's a phase or they are corrupt. In our society we should not have to fight for our rights or act accordingly to what people think of us. In the LGBT community they have a high rate for…show more content…
Which is not true they will love they child just like the opposite sex. We support other things that are going on in the world but why not support gay marriage ? or fight for they rights?. They are high risk for suicide rates the reason being they feel like they could not please everyone. They feel like they failed to make everyone happy and reach their standards. My concern are the innocent people that are going through this. The LGBT community already go through enough some of their families disown them because of who they are which is ridiculous. People make them feel guilty because loving another sex is a sin which it is not. Our society thinks children needs a mother and father not a two mothers or two fathers. They are not allowed to serve our country which is heartbreaking because the government feel like they are not fit to do so. Many states still have a ban on gay marriage until this day. Before President Obama left office he promised to help the LGBT community to gain their rights and also appeal the DADT. Our government should take more procession with their rights we have hateful people out there and would like to terminate them. In 2016 the military lifted the ban on transgender people. Which is a start I feel that it should not be a option to pick and choose who to fight for our country. Also I feel that if a person love someone no matter what color , shape , size , gender , etc you should not stop them from finding their true love.

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