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Gay Rights Movement Have you ever thought how much progress the LGBT community has made and how it affects other people? The gay rights movement was and is currently a movement that “strives to end all discrimination towards the LGBT community” (Redlingshafer). As early as 1924, the Society for Human Rights in Chicago becomes United States’ earliest known gay rights organization (“Milestones in the American Gay Rights Movement”). However, most people recognize the Stonewall riot in 1969 as being the beginning of the gay rights movement. Almost ninety years later, society and the government have progressed over time and are still growing. Harvey Milk, author of “The Hope Speech”, was a politician who led a portion of the gay rights…show more content…
Also people should realize that gays should have the same rights and privileges as straight people. In addition, Milk tries to encourage the gay community to step up and speak, use their voices. In the article, “The LGBT Moment Must Look Past Gay Marriage, the author talks about how other things are important in the LGBT community than just the issue of marriage. Redlingshafer speaks on the issue of how hate crimes are occurring in the workforce and how there sometimes not as many benefits that gay people or transgender people have that they should have as they are citizens too. The author states, “In 39 states one can be fired for being transgender. Not many people are aware of this; supporters of the movement need to publicize that sexual orientation has no bearing on how someone can do their job” (Redlingshafer). From this quote, one could only assume that we should already have rights in the work force for all people, gay, straight, transgender, right? Wrong. There are work places all over America that still have not given rights that everyone deserves, to these citizens.

Milk wrote the Hope Speech for all that wanted to change the ways of the issues expressed in the gay community and outside of it as well. The intended audience was both gay and straight civilians. Moreover, Milk stated in this speech, “Unless you have dialogue,

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