Gay Rights in India

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Couple of days back marked the 10th year since the release of the movie ‘Fight Club’. Even though I have watched that iconic movie couple of times back I could not abstain from awing at the novel ideas used in the film making. And there came the bathtub scene involving Brad Pitt and Edward Norton widely perceived as homo-erotic .But David Fincher says he purposely made so engaging the audiences on something keeping them from guessing the later twists in the movie. Brad Pitt comments, “We are one generation of men raised by women. Is another woman is the answer we really need?” How perfectly timed I thought because the same day marked the 40 years since the famous ‘Stone Wall’ riot. Rainbow parades by LGBT right activist were held in…show more content…
Don’t you think that it is ridiculous that these religious fundamentalists and chauvinists[of all religions] who have neither studied medicine nor even had science in their primary education claim Homosexuality a disease while renowned Medicos, Scientists and Psychiatrists of organizations including World Health Organization, United Nations and American Psychiatric Association call it a normal behavior. So Fuc… Oops! Chuck religion. At least in this matter. Long back children who were left-handed were considered witches and children of Satan’s. Parents of those children punished them for being so and coerced them to use their right hand. Later it was proved being south-pawed is nothing more or less than being right handed. Isn’t the alternative sexual orientation the same? Another nonsense theory put forth by these bigots is that Homosexuality will collapse the family system and ethos attached to it and they go even went to such an extent that homosexuals may lure heterosexuals. What a bullshit this is? Like Sean Penn asks in the movie ‘Milk’, “How could Homosexuality be taught? Is it like French?” This shows how pathetically ignorant these people are. Homosexuality can’t be influenced or taught or lured into. It all depends on the Hormonal content. Sean Penn portrayed Harvey Milk beautifully in that movie. There comes a beautifully scripted argument against the ‘Proposition 6’ [a law which makes gay teachers and their supporters
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