Gay Rights in the Fire Department

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Humans have been fighting and challenging each other ever since they have been created. People tend to think that if someone else is different than another person must be weird, stupid, or even dangerous. Though things are constantly getting better and people are beginning to be more accepting of each other some people continue to hate and cast out just because they do not have the same beliefs, sexuality, or even the same looks. The fire department has been on the business side, but people in the fire department the workers can be harmful bullies. This is not the fire departments fault but the workers that are fire fighters tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to the human rights division of life. To talk about a topic you must start from the beginning, in the 1950's it was dangerous, foolish, and illegal to start any pro-gay organization. You would be chased and harassed if you were suspected of being gay or supporting their right to live life freely. In 1961 Illinois decided to agree with the conservative law of 1923 that was created by the American Law Institute that stated it is illegal for two adults to ever get married or even have sexual have intercourse if they are the same sex. Connecticut decided to agree and also put this law in place in the year 1969. Holliday 2 1969 is considered the year that the gay rights movement took off because NYPD decided to raid a gay bar and started arrested random homosexual and drag performers for no reason.
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